How the National Legal Consortium Agreed Fee Scheme Works.

C E Law’s National Legal Consortium will give you unlimited construction law advice for one yearly agreed fee (paid over 12 months) for all matters arising after you enrol.


No hourly rates - No interim bills - Only available to Sub Contractors.

You get:

1. Unlimited construction law advice:

  • Telephone advice service
  • Payment Claims
  • Contract advice
  • Adjudication
  • Court Proceedings
  • Arbitration

2. 15% discount on its normal fees for all matters arising before you enrol.

3. The NLC logo on your notepaper and website showing you have access to legal advice in the event of a dispute and will be able to receive regular legal updates and information.

The scheme does not include:

  • Fees/disbursements
  • The drafting of contracts
  • Representation at a small claims court hearing – but you do get help in preparing the case for the hearing
  • The issue of court proceedings for less than £250
  • The issue of adjudication proceedings for less than £7500

Clients will be asked to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement with C E Law should they wish to take or to defend proceedings.

Clients will be entitled to a 5% discount on the agreed fee if it is paid in full within 28 days.

Some insurance policies provide assistance with legal costs and with both taking and defending legal proceedings. Whilst the National Legal Consortium provides access to construction law advice generally and not merely the taking and defending of proceedings, prospective clients should check whether they have such insurance and the nature and extent of the cover it offers before enrolling with the National Legal Consortium in order to avoid the duplication of services.