UKL Projects case study


UKL Projects specialist in modular, retail and commercial fit outs. The Sheffield based business delivers projects across the UK for leading supermarkets, as well as MOD and MOJ. The company was upscaled in 2014 ad has continued to grow rapidly as a second tier subcontractor within the construction industry supply chain.

As the firm grew, it began to face a number of challenges and following a dispute with one client, Directors began to research the commercial aspects and legal implications of the dispute. Unable to resolve the issue with a round table sit down, it soon became clear that a lack of understanding and awareness of contracts put the Directors at a disadvantage.

Having identified CE Law and the National Legal Consortium via the web, representatives from the legal firm met with UKL Projects Directors and were introduced to the subscription based service that the NLC is based on.

Rayno De Kock, Director, explained: “For us, legal challenges were always something that we avoid, as we are well aware of the potential cost implications, however, this approach clearly wasn’t working for us. By signing up to become a member of the NLC, we have unlimited access to legal advice which is fantastic.

“The concept is an absolutely brilliant , we are now in the position of being able to give the NLC a contract which they review and returns with any concerns, which is invaluable. We’ve also been involved in a number of client disputes where they have offered a great deal of sound advice. We’re  currently in a situation of none payment by client which the NLC is supporting us through.

“As a subcontractor, we would not have had the time or money to seek legal advice in all these cases and would undoubtedly have lost money. What the NLC gives us is confidence that we can address legal matters and are being given the best sector specific legal advice available.

“We have already subscribed for a second year and would recommend any other subcontractor in our industry to follow suit.”

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