Unique Service Boost Prospects of Electrical Sub-contractors

CE Law Construction Solicitors has launched The National Legal Consortium, a unique legal service developed specifically for the needs of the subcontractor.

The Consortium allows clients (within the sub-contracting industry) to sign up to an annual agreed fee, guaranteeing open ended access to specialist construction law advice. The fee is paid over 12 months with costs based on turnover and fees starting as little as £150 plus vat per month.

David Jackson, Director at CE Law Construction Solicitors explained: “As a specialist in the sub-contractor construction industry, we are consistently faced with instances of ‘subbie bashing’ whereby the more powerful and well-resourced main contractor falls into dispute and withholds payment. Many sub-contractors are forced to walk away, recognising that they simply don’t have the funds in place to tackle a potentially costly and challenging legal case.

“We believe that membership of the National Legal Consortium is an ideal solution, giving subcontractors access to legal advice and support if the situation arises. It’s about protecting the business and, in a sense, insuring it against all possible eventualities. The scheme doesn’t just cover advice on claims but provides on going advice on contracts, notices or whatever else may arise requiring specialist advice”

The scheme was developed with input from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Barristers and Construction Professionals to ensure that it meets the strict SRA requirements and addresses the needs of Sub Contractors.

David continued: “We have taken time to ensure that this new way of offering legal services meets the needs of our client. We believe that the National Legal Consortium will change the way Sub Contractors pay for legal advice. We offer the service nationally and are focusing our initial efforts on the electrical contracting industry where we know there are considerable issues.”

Services included within the membership programme include a telephone advice service, payment claims, contract advice, adjudication, court proceedings and arbitration. For further information please visit www.nlcuk.net

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