NLC Reports 100% Repeat Subscription To Unique Legal Service


The National Legal Consortium (NLC) has reported a near 100% repeat take up by existing clients of its unique subscription based legal service.

Recently celebrating its first year in business, the fast growing legal service has seen all members sign up for a second year.

The NLC is a unique legal firm developed specifically to meet the needs of the subcontractor with fees paid based on turnover.

David Jackson, Founder and Solicitor at the NLC explained: “Having worked in the legal industry and focusing on the construction sector for almost 30 years, I have come across the same issue time and time again and that is the smaller contractor or sub-contractor unable to legally challenge the larger more powerful customer, often the main contractor. This service ultimately allows them to do that by effectively providing an insurance, paid through a monthly fee agreement.

“It’s testament the success of the scheme that we have seen a near 100% repeat subscription rate and demonstrates the belief our customers have in the service. The only exception has been a client considering retirement. We are looking to grow further this year, ultimately doubling the business size, as we continue to take on the smaller builder or subcontractor who are business savvy and forward thinking in their approach.

“All of our costumers agree that the scheme makes huge sense and they are confident in the support they have access to when facing a legal situation, that perhaps in any other circumstance would need significant resources to support and challenge.”

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